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It is a sad day when i am excited that I only spent $67 on gas.

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I'm going to be a bag of bones at IDKE in October. Soon as the weather is better, I'm biking all over the place. I'm tired of spending money on gas.

I spent $17 to fill up my tank today.

I think they make it so that the Prius only has a 7 gallon tank to make it seem like you spend nothing on gas.

oof. clyde is athirsty truck, huh? *hugs* bro

yup yup i feel ya...i have been putting $15 in at a time (its less than a qtr tank tho). makes me feel better consifering i can get around for about a week on that. everything i do is pretty much south! I wish i had a more eco-friendly schedule! ugh!

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