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Lone Star's random thoughts

Lone Star

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RIP Heath Ledger
And I am sorry that Brokeback Mountain subjected you to these assholes.....


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the man is truly a compassionless dumb fuck.
if there were true justice in the world one of his children or grand-children would come out as queer.
tho of course that didn't seem to do much for cheney's attitude.

and you feel this way why?

are you familiar with Rev. Phelps.
if not, check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Phelps

i think his actions are abhorrent.

i believe in free speech but it is hard for me to see this man target innocent families who are just trying to bury their loved ones.

oooh. no i thought you mean Heath...yeah that guys sounds like a really bad guy.

ooops, i guess i should have been more clear about which dumb fuck i meant.

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