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I had this weekend off.....random thoughts
So far, I have got a ton of things completed.  I actually made a list on Friday before I left work,  and so far, I have completed 1/2 of it which is pretty darn good for me.  General maintaintence type stuff, like uncloging slow drains, and fixing the porch light.  Anyone know if you can replace just the motion detector in an outside light or if I have to replace the entire unit.  My guess is the later, but I am hoping that I am wrong. 

Work has slowed down (like by about half) since Halloween.  The bad news is that it is definitvely going to pick back up.  The State is all but broke, and looking to let another 10 K guys out. Which is if they are past their minimum date is fine by me, but there are some pretty creepy dudes getting out. 

I am cutting into Jonah's napping time, he looks exhausted.  I think I have the laziest dog on the planet.

Flannel sheets are awesome with the chilly weather.

Blue October canceled their date here,  which is a bummer.  The upside is that I have a trip to look forward to instead this weekend and have Wednesday off.    

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Where did you go?

I went to put stuff in my locker after having confirmed which one was mine only to find myself in front of one filled to the brim with a serious lock on. I've called management and requested this be addressed but the guy doesn't work on weekends. Ah well... it will eventually get there

Locker full=no good, especially when it is not full of your stuff!

I actually didn't go anywhere this weekend, I am looking forward to next weekend. I haven't had the weekend off completely (fri/sat/sun) since my knee surgery, so it was nice to have a semi quiet weekend here. The weather was beautiful for being outdoors, and I completed a ton of chores around the house. Wed we have off for Veterans Day, so I should be able to wrap up the list!

What is the attire for the party on Saturday night? I see that Charles is wearing a tie?

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